The Actions Options Tool (AOT) is web-publishing software uniquely suited to the specific needs of large organizations, which consist of smaller sub-groups, member groups, or committees working together, and makes publishing multiple types of content on a website easy and efficient.

Version 1 of the AOT was officially released on May 24th, 2007 as an open source project, and is available for free download under the “GNU General Public License”.

» Please click the following link to download Version 1.
AOT Features

With Version 2, several new features have been added to the AOT. Our new features lead off with a unique fund raising module. Employing individualized user pages, social networking merges with political action to provide an opportunity for personal political empowerment. The individual is able to view the direct and indirect influence of their online political actions: donations, petition signatures, boycott signatures and eletter participation.

Through the software, all are trackable providing users a “six-degrees-of-separation” experience of their political interconnections.
AOT Goals

The Actions Options Tool has four main goals:

Allow member groups or chapters within an organization to easily work together and publish content to a website
Improve coordination and communication between chapters, member groups, and committees within an organization thereby improving efficiency
Create a method for organizations to quickly communicate with members
Allow site administrators to easily manage the users/contact list

AOT Features

The Actions Options Tool consists of several features designed to help a large organization stay organized, manage their members, publish several types of content to a website, and to manage marketing and email newsletter campaigns.

The main features of the tool are:

News article publishing system
Actions/events publishing tool (and grid) for coordinating efforts
Event calendar
User registration system
Email campaign/marketing tool
Discussion forums
Committee member message center
Political action centers (petitions, boycotts, eletters, fundraisers, etc.)

» Click here for a full list of features.
AOT Test-drive

We encourage you to take advantage of our invitation to test our software by signing up to become an administrator in our test site. Add, create, delete, and manipulate this system to get a feel for how easy it is to use.

If you are interested in taking the tool for a “test drive” please contact us. After we find out a little about you and your organization’s needs, we’ll provide you with login information to our test environment.

» Click here to contact us about testing our software.
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41st State Network goes up

The Peace, Justice & Environment Project went live with the 41st network, for the state of New York, on July 20, 2009. PJEP now has 50 states using the AOT representing nearly 1600 grassroots organizations.
North Suburban Peace Initiative

NSPI is using the AOT framework for their website. They’ve used it to gather petition signatures as part of a national campaign calling for US Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World
Greater Chicago Caucus

The Greater Chicago Caucus uses the software to achieve it’s goals, driven by the desire of many diverse communities, all committed to peace and justice issues, to band together to form a political alliance. As separate groups, they have limited political impact. United, they will have the strength to accomplish their goals.
Test Drive
If you would like to test the AOT for yourself, please let us know. We will be happy to send you login information to the sandbox environment so you may see for yourself how easy it is to use and how many features it truly offers.
Expert Design, Installation, Hosting & Maintenance